shay ometz

international traveller. trend forecaster. knows german. the "bee" in bee things.


shay ometz

dallas, texas

alma matter: 
university of north texas

super power:
able to rearrange the house
in a single day

ice cream

When she's not making bee things, Shay Ometz is Senior Art Director for the fashion brand Fossil.

As International Art Director for Fossil, Shay Ometz has travelled all over the world doing fashion and trend research. After several years of globetrotting, she helped start Fossil’s catalog at their Dallas headquarters, where she photo art directs each season’s catalog, web and wholesale imagery. 

Shay is also a columnist for the Dallas Morning News. In her bi-weekly column, “My Creative Life,” she writes about bringing creativity and inspiration to everyday living.

She has a hard time focusing on any particular interest, because she loves everything: reading (she and her husband have over five hundred books!), creating fine art and crafts, playing her guitar, listening to music, decorating, and searching hundreds of blogs, Pinterest, and eBay for inspiration (and to add even more color to their home).