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Bee Things does its best to get orders shipped as quickly as possible, usually 1-3 days (excluding Sundays) after your order is placed. But please keep in mind that we're literally a mom and pop shop, and we are constantly dealing with our real jobs, tee-ball lessons, work travel, pink eye, dog poo, you name it, and sometimes get a smidge behind (never more than 4 days after your order is placed). if you need your order in a hurry, just let us know, and we'll make an extra effort to get it shipped as quickly as possible. 


We use the United States Post Office for our shipping.

United States: Orders shipped within the U.S. are sent USPS priority mail, so expect your oder to arrive in 2-3 days once it's shipped (we'll send a shipping notification once it is).

Canada: Orders shipped to are friends to the north are sent USPS first class. For some reason, Canadian customs can be slower than cold syrup, so expect your order to arrive within 5-8 days once it's shipped (we'll send a shipping notification once it is).

All other countries: Orders shipped internationally outside the U.S. and Canada are sent USPS first class. Depending on your country's customs policies and quickness, your order should arrive within 7-10 days once it's shipped (we'll send a shipping notification once it is).

special shipping

We will absolutely send an order via FedEx or UPS for overnight or 2-day delivery on request (if you need to make a birthday or a holiday, say). Just send us a note before or after you place your order, and we will get you a FedEx/UPS shipping estimate, subtract the USPS shipping cost included in the order, and let you know what the extra cost is before shipping.

damaged items

We only have a few damaged prints each year, thanks to our careful method of packaging and shipping. In the case of damage, we are happy to send one replacement item for each damaged item, only after you provide us with pics of the damaged item as proof. In the unlikely event that the replacement item is also damaged, we will ship a second replacement item, or refund the order, at the buyer’s choice.

lost orders

Very occasionally, we have a no-show. If this is the case, we will confirm your shipping address that you provided. If the address you provided was correct, we will happily send a replacement item(s). If the address you provided was not correct, we will ask you to pay for the shipping on the replacement item, plus a lost-merchandise fee of $10 US. If we do send you a second order, and the original package does show up, we ask that you mark “return to sender” on the package and return it – this way, you will not be charged for shipping the item, and we’ll get our items returned.

returns and exchanges

Sorry, we don't offer returns. But we do offer exchanges on prints and other paper goods if you pay for the shipping back and the shipping for the new item out to you. We do not offer returns or exchanges on apparel.

questions on shipping or other store policies?

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