bee things on etsy

a community made by hand

We love handmade, so we love Etsy. For years, Etsy has and continues to be a wonderful place for small craft makers and sellers to have an online presence and thrive. To us, it’s much more  than a website – it’s a community. 

Like many others, bee things started out on Etsy, and we’ve been fortunate enough to grow into the need for a vigorous website and online store of our own. 

And because of our love and support of that site and community, we want to stay active in it and continue to support it. For that reason, some bee things are available only on our Etsy storefront. 

So please check out our other bee things on Etsy, but keep in mind that the shopping carts are separate. Purchases made on the bee things store and on our Etsy storefront will need to be handled as separate transactions.